You Stud, You!

So, it has begun!  We FINALLY closed on our little red house in small town Ashaway, RI after months of back and forth with the seller, getting quotes from contractors, then  finalizing design plans with BuildPros (our chosen contractor), and delays with the bank.  Our original goal of moving into our new home sometime in July has been smashed to teeny tiny pieces!  We’re thinking November now; I hope by Thanksgiving. (Wahwaaah.) Its crazy to think we started on this whole journey of moving to our home state back in January!  If you told me then, we would STILL be living with my mom and step-dad in September, I would have laughed in your uninformed face.  Because there was no way on Earth that was going to happen! Josh and I would never allow it. (Gulp) Which, of course would then be added to the ever growing list titled ‘Things I Would Never, But Actually Did’, while developing an acquired taste to my own words.

Our one and only bathroom for 7 people!

One bathroom – 7 people! For real.

Just picture it if you can.  The small cape style house I grew up in is about 1400sq’ with 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom.  There are 7 of us here right now.  Seven. Josh and I and the baby are staying in the room I shared with my sister as a child.  The boys are sharing my brother’s old room. There is stuff everywhere!  We’ve turned the living room into a play room with a TV and try our best to keep the toys in that room.  But you know, if you have kids, their stuff has a way of creeping into every available corner.  Toys and clothing and bits of food make their way to the family room, the kitchen, the bathroom, and the dining room which also doubles as our makeshift laundry/mail room.  The only place that has managed to remain uncontaminated is my moms room.  There is a strict closed door policy and kid free space rule in affect every minute of every day.  Our shared bathroom… the one and only, is healthfully christened daily courtesy of three happy boys… well, two boys, hopefully adding number 3 to the potty brigade soon.  So, I swear, no matter how many times I clean that bathroom, I can always get a waft of little boy potty time.  (Nice way of saying it)  Gross.  I know.

IMG_1016 (2)

Those are packing peanuts!


Happy toddler messes!









Being cramped in as we are, Josh and I are itching, begging, dying to get this renovation rolling!  We took on the demo work in the bathrooms and the garage ourselves to save some money and use it toward what we really want done to the house.  So, since closing Josh has been MIA in Ashaway at the red house, doing as much as he can in the few free hours he has after work and on weekends.  Thankfully it’s on the way to my mom’s house from his work, so he doesn’t have to go out of his way at all.  I did some of the work too.  My brother-in-law, Steve gave us a demo day of help, tearing a drop ceiling down followed by a horsehair plaster ceiling  in the new 1st floor bathroom.  My brother helped me tear out a sink, secure some electrical out of the way of my sledgehammer, and with the garage demo.  Also, my dad has pitched in with painting the front porch, doing some smash and tear on the 1st floor and moving some furniture in.

Thanks Steve!

Thanks Steve!

My brother-in-law taking down the ceiling I the soon-to-be 1st floor bathroom.

My brother-in-law tearing it down! This will be the 1st floor bathroom.

The old 1st floor bathroom, torn down to the studs. This will become a toy storage closet for the kids.

The old 1st floor bathroom, down to those good looking studs! This will be a toy room for the kids.

Parents can relate when I say, its’ impossible for Josh and I to both be there and working.  One has to work, and one has to stay with the kids.  We did attempt it once.  I had a master plan!  We would barricade the living room, throw a couple ipads in there, some snacks, a few toys, coloring books and crayons. That would keep them busy for at least an hour and then I could  help Josh put a dent in the demo that needed to be done before the contractors can do their thing.  It would work out just fine. Right?   Not a chance… but I think sometimes I just need to try it out.  Because someday, they’ll reach that magic age where it will be fine.  They will be able to keep themselves occupied and we can rationalize with them saying, “we just need one hour for you guys to hang out so we can get this done, then we’ll go and do (fill in the blank) together.”  Our oldest, Jax is there at 7 years old.  But the little ones, at 4 and 2 are not.  The baby, Braedon,  couldn’t understand why he wasn’t allowed to leave the room and cried at the barricade.  He also dumped all the snacks on the floor which was construction zone filthy, while Preston (4) picked up the mess and moved it to his mouth!  (Aaaaahhhhhh!) Then, Preston with amazing stealth, escaped the barricade and cried when we put him back, and Jax remained oblivious to it all, on the couch playing Minecraft.  So, all in all, it was a good experiment; however unproductive.

My sister helping out and taking the boys with her 2 to help me add to the "productive days".

My sister taking the boys with her 2 cuties, helping us add to the “productive days” column.

The point is, we are on our way!  Probably in over our heads (Yikes)… all to accommodate my dream of renovating and old country farm house in a sleepy little town.  So, here goes… everything!

Til’ next time…be blessed!

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