Witches Brew Trail Mix

I had to make a witches brew trail mix for Jaxon to bring to school today for their Halloween party.  It came out so good and was so easy, I thought I’d share!

Ingredients: (I got everything at Stop & Shop… all Halloween stuff is on sale)

Candy corn

Chex party mix

Chocolate covered raisins

Yogurt or fudge covered pretzels

Mini Halloween shortbread cookies

IMG_2159 IMG_2158

I combined all the ingredients and separated the mix into two disposable aluminum tins with lids.

IMG_2152I decorated the tops of the tins with those Halloween decals that are used to decorate windows.  I also labeled the lids, Witches Brew, with a brush tip sharpie.IMG_2154

Happy Halloween!

Til’ next time, be blessed!

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