Story of a Shed

Once upon a time, there was nothing at all.  Just an empty space and one man’s dream of additional storage.  Sometimes… dreams do come true!


So super proud of Josh.  He knocked out this 16’x20′ shed project in 3 weeks, sacrificing ALL his nights and weekends!  His step-dad, Gary helped kick off the project 2 weekends in a row with his invaluable guidance.  Thanks Gary!

Josh was so pleased with the outcome and really enjoyed seeing the reward for his commitment!  He did a great job and thought, “Hey, maybe I could do this on the side to make some extra money, building sheds for people!”  My thoughts, “Ah, no.”  I’m way too selfish to have our nights and weekends with him sacrificed for someone else’s shed! ;). You feel me?!

Keeping us busy and Josh company while he worked on the shed: sidewalk chalk drawings on the dumpster, our neighbors chickens and their playground!  Very exciting around the red house!

Til’ next time… be blessed!

One thought on “Story of a Shed

  1. pipersmile says:

    pretty sweet job josh! I mean…if you like that sort of thing, storage and all! 😉 hehe! just kidding…I dream about storage space at night! great job!


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