Tales From the Contractor Crypt: Part “Duh.”

We see some movement!  At last, some progress in the right direction!

Roofing supplies!

Roofing supplies… and a truck!

Josh and I were at our wits end! We were there, ready to cut our contractor loose.  I called the bank to see what would happen if the deadline mapped out in the contract wasn’t met, which would be around the end of January.  I was told, basically nothing… they would just have to request an extension.  Sounds like junk right? Why even have a “deadline” at all if there’s no penalty or incentive to keep their word?  Why not just say, “as long as you get to it at some point”?

The bank representative also told me that we should utilize our advocates in this situation.  Advocates?  What advocates? The Lynch brothers that do all the inspections on properties for these types of loans and initial the ok for the contractors to get paid.  Apparently, they are not just the inspectors but also our advocates.  I had no idea and this information was definitely not effectively communicated during the loan/closing process.  If we had known, we might have involved them a lot sooner!  DUH! I explained to the bank that practically no work had been done at all and we were concerned about the progress and trustworthiness of our contractor.  She seemed concerned also and told me to contact the Lynch brothers.  If that didn’t seem to help, we should call her back.

The next day, Josh called the brothers… our advocates, to explain our complaints and dissatisfaction with buildpros.  They sent buildpros an email saying that the customer was not happy with their performance or progress.  When we heard from our contractor, he said, “if you think I like having $13,000 already invested in a project without payment, you’re wrong.”   Is this guy a bozo or what?!  Josh chose to ignore it since they promised “guys would be there the following week”.  So, would you be surprised to hear that we waited, on edge all week as usual for someone to show, and nothing!  The next week, we were promised again.  That Thursday night, Josh was positive the roofers or their “guys” (these mythical creatures we had yet to see) would be there on Friday.  He said our contractor was pretty adamant that they would be there.  So, Josh stayed at the house until 3am making sure every last bit of demo was completed, getting ready for that big commencement of work we’ve been waiting and praying for.  And… would you be surprised to hear that it was a no show, AGAIN?!  AGAIN?!

Josh called me to tell me the news.  I was down in NC for my sister-in-law, Piper’s baby shower for baby #6!  I was seething when he told me! Josh was trying to figure out how long to wait this time and I was DONE!  “That’s it!  He’s out!  How many more chances to take advantage of us can we give this guy?  Not to mention he just got a check for $14,000!  He’s out,” I shouted.  I was freaking out.  Josh said that he was on board with the decision to end our pain and frustration with this guy.  We sent text messages back and forth to each other, devising exactly what to say in the formal “heave ho” letter.

Josh thought he should probably call the Lynch brothers and let them know we were done with the buildpros bull and that we wanted to fire them.  When Josh called, he talked to Ken,  (one of the brothers) and was livid in explaining our mental state and desire to get these people out of our house.  Ken told Josh to calm down and assured him that he’s heard all of this before.  He’s been doing this job for 25 years and asked Josh to hold off on firing buildpros and to let him take care of it.  I don’t know what he did or said, but do you know that the “guys” showed up the very next day, on a Saturday?  There was work going on Monday through Thursday of that week;  then also on the following Saturday and Sunday!   I almost don’t want to say anything out loud, afraid of jinxing it!

So, things are looking up!  Our spirits are higher and there seems to be an end in sight, which makes the whole situation a bit more bearable.  Please pray that the work continues at a steady pace and we can move in soon!  My Thanksgiving hope for the red house is dashed, and I don’t think I’ll put any more expected, arbitrary move in dates into my mental calendar… it doesn’t do me any good!  My only hope now is to see consistent progress with the project.

Til’ next time, be blessed!


2 thoughts on “Tales From the Contractor Crypt: Part “Duh.”

  1. pipersmile says:

    glad to hear you got some things moving!! you will definitely be in there before Jax graduates…so that’s a plus! 🙂 hehe! miss you guys!


  2. JesseRyan says:

    OK you two are truly saints for holding out so long. I do hope these advocates lit some good fire under their butts and they continue at a good pace or even an overtime pace. This is excellent news.


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