So here we are, back to our home state of Rhode Island!  It’s been ten years and endless phone calls from my mother begging us to move home!  🙂 My husband (Josh) and I moved to the Raleigh, North Carolina area just after we married in 2005, eager to get a fresh start on our own…a newly wed adventure!  But after we had some youngins’ (3 boys: Jaxon, Preston, & Braedon) I would like to say we, but really, I found it more and more difficult to raise my children away from their grandparents.  I also, after zooming through 3 pregnancies, got a glimpse of how fast  this precious gift of life goes by.  When the time comes, it will be a privilege to be able to assist  them into their twighlight years.  I want to be here for that.

It wasn’t an easy task leaving our home in North Carolina. We had family there as well; all five of Josh’s brothers and their families were there with us.  Josh’s brother Jeremy, his wife, Piper and their five children lived right down the road in the same town.  His brother Ben and wife Amaree (who is an amazingly talented photographer Picturemade.wordpress.com) and their two children lived just one town over.  We were, are, all very close.  There’s also Matt and Takira and thier baby, Joe who has been in Virginia working on his masters degree, and also Zach who’s the ‘baby’ and is focussing on mastering the art of young and dumb.  (A skill we all attempt to refine in our early twenties!)   We will miss the holidays, birthdays, just because days, bookclub with the girls, and watching all our kids running around together like uncaged zoo animals!  We also had an amazing church we looooooved at Hope Community Church in Cary. (gethope.net) It will be an interesting challenge to find one up here that suits our family.  Our basis of comparison is off the charts!

Small Townology is a story of a family adventure in the quintessential ideal place to start fresh, rasie a family, and build a future…small town America.  Its important to know that I LOVE home design, so you can expect to see tons of that, as well as some hubby & kidcapades, crafty creations, exploration into our new town, and whatever else inspires me to write & chronicle.  Thanks for reading!!

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